ONE TRAY® Technology

ONE TRAY® Sealed Containers deliver sterilization processing capability of medical devices which  improves the utilization of medical devices.

The ONE TRAY® was 510(k)-cleared (K052567) to sterilize medical devices with a validated 48-hour storage/shelf life.  Health care facilities should utilize industry guidelines to establish policies and procedures for determining shelf life.  


ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers are intended to be used to hold temperature tolerant medical devices during steam sterilization cycles.  The containers provide for the safe storage, transport and assured delivery of the enclosed devices in a sealed container with tamper evident security and load record documentation according to AAMI and AORN guidelines


The patented ONE TRAY® design takes advantage of the thermodynamic behavior of steam to efficiently and expeditiously attain sterility within a sealed container.


The number, relative size and positioning of our filtered vent configuration creates a flow pattern that assures the expeditious and complete dispersal of saturated steam throughout the container.  The patented ONE TRAY® design has the following features and performance benefits: 



  • One centrally located vent in the lid and two laterally displaced vents in the floor which offer twice the vapor exchange capacity of the single-entry vent in the lid.

  • Provides a circulation pattern that assures the complete and rapid dispersal of the sterilizing agent throughout the container.

  • Sloped floor with a centrally located retained moisture collection area.

  • Ensures sterility by eliminating prolonged contact between condensation and filter elements.

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