Increased Surgical Efficiencies AND Reduction of OR Delays

ONE TRAY® provides OEM's with the best solution in rigid containers today.  OEM utilization is immediately enhanced with the use of the ONE TRAY® system for the highest level of protection, immediately removing the obstacles sterile wraps and other containers present. Turn instrumentation quicker and more efficiently.

ONE TRAY® provides OEM's with important product differentiation, in a level competitive field.


The ONE TRAY® efficiencies allow reps and distributors to manage consigned inventory much more effectively.  Less loaner sets are needed to supplement the same case load thus, creating a more efficient OEM supply chain.

Product Benefits:

  • No wet packs or torn sterile wraps

  • Sterilize medical devices in 80% less time than sterile wraps or traditional containers

  • Seamlessly reconfigure any set to surgeon's preference to increase efficiencies

  • Increased efficiencies result in more surgeries and less down time

Partnering with  EZ Trax™, click logo below to go to site.  Allows OEM efficiency teams and Orthopedic/Spine/Trauma Representatives to customize sets to each individual surgeon's preferences



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