Go Green

ONE TRAY® Sterilization Technology eliminates the waste associated with the wrapping of surgical instrumentation and orthopedic loaner sets.

Key environmental benefits offered by ONE TRAY®'s breakthrough technology:

• Reduces Energy Use - ONE TRAY® is validated and 510(k) cleared for the sterilization of surgical assets in just 4 minutes.

• Reduces Waste - ONE TRAY® eliminates the need for wrapping of orthopedic loaner sets.

• Reduces Carbon Footprint - With ONE TRAY®'s 'Rapid' sterile processing system; surgical facilities need fewer instrument sets.

• Tamper evident protection for the safe storage and transport, secure holding and aseptic transfer of medical devices to the sterile field.

• Water Conservation - 60% less water used per sterilization cycle.

• IST supports Green environmental initiatives.​

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